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  •                        Joyce and a huge bbw and at the invitation of kc video veii show how to knead a slender slut, beautiful and 18 years old, she really pdsa 180 kg, and has no control of her body because it is large and heavy has difficulty to suffocate and kneading Penelope but when she gets...

  • Lick and Clean My Dirty Feet

                           Karina Cruel needs no introduction, it is undoubtedly one of the dirtiest dominating the recent times, it dominates their victims with great desire and a lot of truth in his eyes, because love does not do this for money, Karina and fantastic, now it forces the Fabi lick her beautiful feet # 36 dirty...

  •                        Soraya returns more cruel and sadistic she is longing to massacre her slave who is tied for 2 days, she really is with the butt more giant than before and will massacre the slave with this huge and delicious butt, she suffocates without mercy and does the slave who is totally tied and dominated...

  • Farting Homemade in Bondage

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  • Facesitting Supremacy


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  •                         Karina went to her student’s house to take her notebook because she had low grades at school, so she decided to give you private lessons, a very different class lick ass, Karina blackmails the student to have her ass devoured by her student, Karina loves to be sucked by 18-year-old girls, she loves a...

  •                        Hillary is a very hot brunette, she has a huge ass and Indian features and a delicious Brazilian Indian, she is furious with her cleaning lady and decides to punish her for being asleep in the middle of her work and a severe punishment with her brunette and giant ass a delicious round ass,...

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  • Trampling to my brunette slave


  • I Will Teach You To Kiss

                           Penelope’s aunt always wants to kiss to Karina, and she takes the opportunity when she sees to Penelope playing making her dolls kiss, Karina asks to her in secret, and Penelope promises not to tell her mother, so Karina gives a Penelope kissing lesson, but the logo of this video realizes that penelope is...

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  •                        Kate invites her friend Marlene to punish and humiliate her personal slave, they start with a ponyplay session with slap in the face, then they put her on the wall and begin to slap very hard on her face, and a real squeeze in the face, they increase the punishment and begin to beat...

  • The Called For Kiss You


  •                        This is another excellent solo farting video directed by Karina Cruel, she invites her friend Sophia Faber to show you all her powerful and stinky farts, Sophia really farting high and stinky, she is sexy a delicious brunette from brazil, and she goes Fart a lot in your jeans that must already be hot and stinky...

  • Your Face is a Nice Seat for Me

                           Tiny slave Meg is now a nice seat for Mistress Karina Cruel, she sat over her face, and stomach, at the same time Karina rub their beautiful feet over her face and humiliate, Meg are suffocated between Karina´s ass and pussy, She put all weight over Meg´s face and body. FREE GALLERY

  •                        This is a great video of interracial kiss, between the beautiful and cruel Karina Brazilian india Mulan, and a real hot kiss movie, where interracial fetish and the strength, Karina and excellent kisser, kisses and eager mouth the newcomer india, she sucks her lips, sucking the tongue, both feel much desire and horny kissing, and visible in...

  •                        Sammy are using Karina´s gym accesories and this action disgust to Karina and she decide do a lesson to Sammy, she sat over her face and rub her pussy, squeeze her face and masturbate using her nose, the humiliation is intense , Sammy is dominated and she are captured between Karina´s ass, pussy and...

  •                        Soraya wants to rest and relax and went to sit on her old sofa, she is really heavy and with her big butt makes the girl sofa moan in pain and without breathing, and a real big Brazilian ass, she and sadisctic makes her coaster sofa and she sits comfortably and still eats a...