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  •                        Joyce and a huge bbw and at the invitation of kc video veii show how to knead a slender slut, beautiful and 18 years old, she really pdsa 180 kg, and has no control of her body because it is large and heavy has difficulty to suffocate and kneading Penelope but when she gets...

  •                        Laura and a disobedient slave, she took all the beers of Joyce, the bbw was furious and solved punila severamente, Joyce is bigger with 180kg the slave can not escape weighing 50 kg, it was a brutal butt massacre, the slave was buried and was really panic and squeeze under Joyce big ass, humiliation...

  • Smell and Feet My Stinky Feet

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  • Real BBW vs Thin Girl Kissing

                           Joyce and a 52-year-old bbw, she introduces Yasmin with 20-year-old , the two are crazy to kiss, and kiss each other with pleasure, kiss and swallow their mouths, suck their tongue and delight one with another, and a real BBW vs thin girl kisses, a lesbian kiss. FREE GALLERY

  •                        Sammy are enjoy in the pool, and Karina Cruel take advantage of the situaiton for make their smother fetish, Karina suffocate under water to Sammy until her scream mercy, this is a real and hot smothering and femdom movie, by Karina Cruel. FREE GALLERY

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  •                        Penelope is furious with her slave and will punish with all her cruelty in burying slaves under her delicious butt, she sticks the slave’s nose in her pink, and makes Saori suffer, Penelope and the queen of the fucking face and destroy the face from the slave until she asks for pity and Penelope to reach...

  • Facesitting Supremacy


  •                        Hillary is a very hot brunette, she has a huge ass and Indian features and a delicious Brazilian Indian, she is furious with her cleaning lady and decides to punish her for being asleep in the middle of her work and a severe punishment with her brunette and giant ass a delicious round ass,...

  • Severe Face Farting Humiliation

                           Demi is remarking her commitments because she is farting a lot, her secretary appears and asks what the smell was if she had stepped on the , Demi was furious and decided to discharge all her gas in her slave, the farts were really smelly and the slave is angry and does not really do, but Demi does not...

  •                        Penelope and a disobedient slave, she starts jumping rope in Karina’s room, she does not like what she sees and will punish the idiot slave, punishment with her delicious butt will be severe, she is enraged because she hates disobedient and rebellious slaves, she controls The air of Penelope and makes her enter into...

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  •                        Kate invites her friend Marlene to punish and humiliate her personal slave, they start with a ponyplay session with slap in the face, then they put her on the wall and begin to slap very hard on her face, and a real squeeze in the face, they increase the punishment and begin to beat...

  • My Little Ass Sucker Slave Girl

                           Debora use her small and lovely pet to have anal pleasure, she orders the penelope that lick and suck their ass, Penelope and an obedient pet and sucks like a , she is a trained and likes to pleasure her owner, she takes Debora To delirium making her feel deep pleasure in her ass, she leaves Debora’s...

  •                        Debora ordered Penelope to clean her sandals, she came home and saw the dirty sandals and Penelope sleeping on her bed, she was furious and decided to punila with her delicious butt, she did not pity Penelope smothered and humiliated the idiot slave with her beautiful black ass, her pussy was hot and wet and...

  •                        Amanda is a  powerful and beautiful dominatrix, she comes home and sees her slave lying down without the mattress, she sees an absurd scene the slave peed in her bed, Amanda revolts and begins to do what she knows to better trample and humiliate her slave useless, she treads on the chest without mercy, squeezed the head...

  •                        This is another excellent solo farting video directed by Karina Cruel, she invites her friend Sophia Faber to show you all her powerful and stinky farts, Sophia really farting high and stinky, she is sexy a delicious brunette from brazil, and she goes Fart a lot in your jeans that must already be hot and stinky...

  •                        Camila is furious with her slave, she betrayed her with her new boyfriend, Camila decides to severely punish the traitorous slave, and fucks her face with her hot ass and her wet pussy, she suffocates and destroys the slave with all her skills with her beautiful round ass, she begins rubbing herself with the...

  • Feet Domination Tied Slave

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