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  •                        Joyce and a huge bbw and at the invitation of kc video veii show how to knead a slender slut, beautiful and 18 years old, she really pdsa 180 kg, and has no control of her body because it is large and heavy has difficulty to suffocate and kneading Penelope but when she gets...

  • Face Farting Humiliation

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  •                        Demi is furious with Renato her boyfriend who is super late to take her to dinner, she revolts with the delay of the boyfriend and begins to spit thinking about him, Renato loves spit and Demi spits with anger imagining to be her boyfriend the furniture, spits all over the house for her boyfriend...

  • Facesitting Supremacy


  •                         Karina will punish Bianca for being disobedient, and calls Penelope to help punish Bianca, they practice scissorsholds on the head and body of the slave, Bianca cries in pain and suffers greatly in this video, because both know how to apply the scissors to Bianca to enter real despair, they are sadistic and make...

  • Facesitting on my Dolls

                           Mistress Karina, sat over their dolls, rub their feet and she enjoy masturbate and feeling dolls´s face between their pussy and ass. This film contain facesitting, foot fetish over play dolls. FREE GALLERY

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  • Facesitting Humiliation

                           Mistress Karina Cruel humiliate so Xuxinha becuase her is a disobediente slave girl, Karina sat over her face without mercy until her can feel their ass and pussy, Xuxinha are sucking their pussy and feeling a lot of humiliation inside her ass, Karina complete to humilite to this poor slave girl in a dirty...

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  • Suck my ass poor bitch


  •                        In this film Karina is more cruel , she leaves Bianca in total despair and suffocates without mercy the lean and weak slave, Karina totally controls the face of their slave, she smothered between their ass and pusssy, she also rubs her delicious hot wet pussy on Bianca’s face making her feel all the...

  •                        Laura and a disobedient slave, she took all the beers of Joyce, the bbw was furious and solved punila severamente, Joyce is bigger with 180kg the slave can not escape weighing 50 kg, it was a brutal butt massacre, the slave was buried and was really panic and squeeze under Joyce big ass, humiliation...

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  • Sucking Servitude To My pussy

                           Mistress Karina Cruel use to their slave girl for will reach a orgasms, she put to suck their pussy without stop, the slave girl not have choice, her job is satisfy to the mistress, Karina want a orgasm and their not stop until reach that, their big pussy lips are covering all slave face....