Facesitting Fuck Face : Real Orgasms in my Shorts

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33 Minutes
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Karina is doing gymnastics on top of her slave who is totally tied up and dominated, she resolves to suffocate him because he will not have much reaction and is totally in his control, she takes all his air and takes it to the extreme limit, Karina is delighting in suffocating Renato, she provokes him with her yellow mini shorts, she suffocates, dominates and hurts her slave very much with her shorts, she has so much desire and pleasure and perceptivel that her pussy is wet and the shorts are also, the slave feels all the smell Of the orgasm of karina running down the shorts, she forces him to smell her beautiful ass and her hot and wet pussy, she punishes him with hard butt blows and jumps on her head, she is cruel and has no pity controls the air of his Slave and even has a real orgasm inside her shorts.


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