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  •                        Yasmin has a huge craving for bbw, she then shows Renata her new hydrating cream imported from europe, Renata asks her to spread the cream on her big butt and Yasmin massages her huge butt, Yasmin can not resist and sticks her tongue into the ass of Renata she loved Yasmin’s hot tongue and...

  • Farting Homemade in Bondage

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  •                        Penelope and a disobedient slave, she starts jumping rope in Karina’s room, she does not like what she sees and will punish the idiot slave, punishment with her delicious butt will be severe, she is enraged because she hates disobedient and rebellious slaves, she controls The air of Penelope and makes her enter into...

  •                        Sophia Faber and Adriana Fuller are two experienced women in the art of kissing, they like a very perverse and deep kiss with lots of tongue sucking and lots of desire, it was a sensational kiss with mouths well fitted and glued, one mouth devoured the other and both were possessed for the desire...

  • Suck My Dirty Feet To My Way

                           Karina left her slave alone at home while training her flash dance, she arrived and saw her slave eating all her sandwich, she became angry and solved punila, she made the slave swallow his dirty foot with special sauce, egg yolk,  It was a very special sauce for the slave she did not like...

  • Rough Facesitting Punishment

                            Demi and the new slave of Karina, on her first day in the mansion of Karina the slave tries to steal a expensive imported perfume of Karina, then a severe punishment occurs, Karina has no mercy and crushes and suffocates the slave with its powerful and delicious butt, Karina makes the slave suffer with her...

  •                        Mistress Karina doing face fuck to their slave girls, a intense facesitting with enema ,  and pussy masturbation using their slave faces, until reach real orgasm, a compilation of the best moments from the top movies. FREE GALLERY

  • Excesive Ass Licking Domination


  • Severe Face Farting Humiliation

                           Demi is remarking her commitments because she is farting a lot, her secretary appears and asks what the smell was if she had stepped on the , Demi was furious and decided to discharge all her gas in her slave, the farts were really smelly and the slave is angry and does not really do, but Demi does not...

  • I Will Teach You To Kiss

                           Penelope’s aunt always wants to kiss to Karina, and she takes the opportunity when she sees to Penelope playing making her dolls kiss, Karina asks to her in secret, and Penelope promises not to tell her mother, so Karina gives a Penelope kissing lesson, but the logo of this video realizes that penelope is...

  •                        In this movie Isabella are impresed with the perversion and cruelty of Karina, Isabella never made a intense hot kisses scene witth any girl, Karina suck her tongue, lips and face, she know how create fire between two girls, this is a hot and intense kisses movie. FREE GALLERY

  •                        Soraya is in her bed watching fetish movies on her cell phone, her niece appears wanting to see the phone and Soraya does not leave, Soraya then seduces Demi and they begin to kiss, are kisses glued and deep, kisses frilly with much desire, they play with kiss and enjoy each other the young kisser of milf class, yes...

  • Karina Slapping Bia´s Face

                           Bia was a new slave girl, her are suffering all Karina Cruel punishments, Karina slap her face, smothering using her hands and humiliate to Bia using their fetish methods, Bia is a Karina´s bitch. This is a real and hot slap, smothering and domination video FREE GALLERY

  • No Chance!, Lick My Dirty Feet

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