Smelling and Sucking Karina´s Feet

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26 Minutes
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Karina arrived home with her wet, sweaty street shoes for 3 days without changing her socks and purposely did it to punish her slimy slave who does not do her homework, Karina will punish her with her foot and stinky stockings  making her smell deeply, she also has to smell her tennis shoes and the slave has nauseas of the horrible smell, Karina dominates with much cruelty, she rubs the socks and the shoe on the face of the slave and ties the sock with a  tape humiliating her a lot, the slave cries for being dominating and making to feel the stench and Karina loves to see it and finally makes her smell her humble and stinking feet punishing her severely never to be a disobedient slave again.


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  1. Adam L / 11/08/19

    Who’s that “new slave”? Will she be back in more videos soon? Thks.

    • Reply
    • KCadmin / 12/08/19

      Hi Adam, slave girl is called : XUXINHA, and of course her will be back soon. thanks for visit our site

  2. Sonny E. Garvey / 13/08/19

    Hi friends! I would love to see this new girl as a dominatrix, or like a assistant of an older mistress against one of little chicks. Thank you for bring to us lot of milf lezdom fetish movies! P.S.: if wanna listen to me in more suggestions: i love so much tit sucking & armpit lick. It would be great to watch from your cast! Kixx 4 U, gurls!

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