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  • Professionals Kisses

                            A woman Karina kissed is suing her for falling in love and not being reciprocated. Karina calls a lawyer named Veronica, as she is reputed to be beautiful. Karina takes the opportunity to get to know the lawyer better, and upon receiving her at home, tells her story to the lawyer who is interested...

  •                        Sheron is getting ready to go to dinner, but starts to feel sick. Her gas starts to come out of her ass and she gets desperate because she has a dinner scheduled for today and she doesn’t want to miss it. But her smelly farts speak louder and Sheron goes to bed and ends up in farts...

  •                         Iza and Belatrix are in the room caressing each other and exchanging compliments when, Amandinha, her maid, enters and inadvertently interrupts her employer’s romance. Immediately she apologizes and says she is leaving to rest. Iza questions what Amandinha is going to do and pulls the girl onto the bed, who take advantage of the moment and sit...

  •                        A girl watching her boss admiring herself in the mirror comes softly and says praise to her owner. The mistress asks what she is doing there, and she replies that she is enjoying her beauty. And then her owner says she has a job for her and orders her to get on her knees...

  • Triple Lesbian Kisses

                           Adriana and Natasha return to Jenifer’s house right after leaving the all-night party. Jenifer sees her friends start kissing frantically and gets excited about it. And seeing the atmosphere heat up between her two friends, she decides to participate forming a trio of friends who kiss for the rest of the night FREE GALLERY

  •                        Bruna Castro is sitting on her bed farting when Yasmin suddenly appears saying that the environment smells wonderful. Bruna, seeing her subject say this, invites her to feel her fragrant farts closely. Yasmin soon gets excited and goes to her owner and asks her to fart a lot to smell.  FREE GALLERY

  •                        Three beautiful girls are having fun on the piano bed, when suddenly their slave Lindsey enters saying she would clean the place. They get angry because the girl should have cleaned in the morning, and at that time she couldn’t. So they decided to punish the poor thing with face-to-face, pussy-smashing and face fucking...

  • Horny Lesbian Nurse

                           Thai goes to Dr. Veronica, but I didn’t expect how good your service would be. Dr. Veronica really likes getting to know her patients up close and with Thai it would be no different. She did not imagine that she would have so much pleasure in this consultation, as Dr. Veronica touches Thai’s body...

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  •                        Veronica is a lady who loves to harass her slave Yasmin, that day Veronica ate spoiled food and ended up feeling sick and as a consequence started releasing poor and smelly farts. Yasmin her slave arrives and smells the horrible smell, Veronica pulls her subject to her chest and starts releasing her horrible farts in Yasmin’s face. FREE GALLERY

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  • The Confession

                            Bruna is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her friend Lavinea. As soon as her friend arrives, Bruna made a confession: Bruna said she was dying to kiss her friend’s mouth, and Lavinea said the same, and then the two started kissing frantically…  FREE GALLERY

  •                        One fine morning, lady Lavinea was in her room dying to get her ass licked, that’s when she called her slave Yasmin and ordered her to lick her ass the way she likes it. Yasmin immediately bends down, pulls her owner’s panties aside and starts licking Lavinea’s ass deliciously.  FREE GALLERY

  • You Are My Dream Wish Girl

                           Rebeca is a girl who likes adventures, and on this day she asked another girl Veronica to come to her apartment. When he heard the doorbell ring he went to the door and when he opened he was surprised by what he saw and said: “Wow you are exactly the way I like it”. Veronica liked what she...

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