A Huge Weight For Thin Yasmin Slave Girl

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Renata Colosos wants to test the strength of her slave Yasmin, Renata is very heavy and this one with 160 kg, it will be a very heavy test to carry Renata on her back, Yasmin tries with much strength  to carry Renata but in many moments seems impossible, she got a punishment and her hands and knees are bruised and shaken, she is makes to carry the bbw in various positions and finally becomes totally tired, without energy, dominated and with knees and hands injured.


Rates : 805

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J. Steele
J. Steele
4 years ago

Hi friends! My name is Jon and I’ve searched for Renata Colosso’s videos at everywhere by many years! I am glad to see one more here, this was published at K.C. FACESITTING months ago, if I ain’t wrong, and hope to find more movies with Renata soon. If it doesn’t be a problem for you to find, I’d like see videos with famous brazilian fat women like Linete, Luma Golvea, Jessica Blonde & Barbara Colossues here too! Many thanks an’ have a goodnight, pals!

4 years ago

The Renata’s return is an awesome surprise! We need more scenes with her. Pls.


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