Fucking Black Boy´s Nose

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 Mistress Camila devised a Machiavellian plan, she left her slave tied for 2 days only breathing through her nose, he is blindfolded and his mouth tied with ribbons, she will fuck the nose of the black slave sucking, licking and cupping inside her nostrils, she submits the slave to a session of domination with her nose she spits in the raven coughing and making spit and spit into the slave’s nose making him suck all his  spit and pushing the saliva that was out of the nose with the tongue, this is a real and dirty fetish movie.


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3 years ago

guys… You dont have a video editor to cut out the background noises wtf???
the director (or who the fuck) keeps on talking in the background, giving instructions to the actress in this video…
seriously unprofessional.

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