Ass Licking Games: Adriana Fuller and Manuela

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Adriana is a naughty photographer, she makes sexy photo shoots and when she feels horny with her clients makes an indecent proposal she exchanges her work for an anal worship session, Joven Manuela is being photographed and accepts Adriana’s indecent proposal, so Adriana already licking and worshiping Manuela’s ass and satiating with that pink and pulsating ass, Manuela also wants to lick Adriana and soon finds her tongue buried in Adriana’s ass worshiping and licking making her feel an extreme pleasure, both suck on various positions until anal orgasms are fully satisfied.


Rates : 216

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3 years ago

Hi friends! All asslicking scenes with Adriana Fuller are amazing! She’s so naughty and hot in lesbian licking sessions. If you have contact, when Milly, Joyce and Lindsey will come back to make more scenes? What about to bring Melissa Ramos too? Thanks.


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