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  •                        Penelope proposes Sara to make a contest of incredible farts, Sara agrees and will show Penelope who farts with the most power and the stinkiest, they have beautiful black tight pants, and they will fart fight the fart who is the most powerful and queen of fart in over 50 minutes of video. FREE GALLERY

  •                        Adriana, Britney and Manu Cortez were having fun in the room farting until the slave arrived complaining about the bad smell, they were furious at the naughty bitch’s complaint and decided to punish her in threesomes with farts in a long time we hadn’t seen, with a lot of bad smell and a lot power, were...

  • Naughty Friends Farts Challenge

                            Thay and Manu Cortez are very horny tonight and will make an incredible farting contest, and you can see the asses come out with the  intensity they do and the fart bursts of surreal farts, it was an intense dispute between two naughty girls with farts powerful and you will decide who is the winner...

  • Stucked Between Two Dirty Asses

                           After a horrible dinner Thamy and Grazy arrive at her apartment with a lot of gas and stomach pains and now they’re going to take out their fury on the slave, they fuck with the slave’s life and merciless farting in their nostrils they make her sniff all their farts in double leaving her nauseated. FREE...

  •                         Bia mello and Sophia Faber are very gassy, Thayzinha appears and complains about the bad smell, the two furious mistress then decide to dominate the naughty bitch and fart in the mouth and nose of the fucked slave, there were moments of face totally farted  with the stinky farts. FREE GALLERY

  • Feel My Huge Ass With Farts

                           Britney is furious with her slave because she didn’t do her housework and was still playing video games on her cell phone, so she decided to fart in the nose and mouth of the slave fucked mercilessly making her feel all her stinky gas for 30 minutes non-stop in various positions. FREE GALLERY

  •                        Rave Girl has a stomachache and doesn’t want to go to a party, and so Adriana says they could go another time, the slave no longer wanted to know just wanted to go to the party, the two gassy mistresses then decided to punish the insolent bitch, they will fuck her with farts in the...

  •                        Penelope, Sara and Britney had stomachaches because of the dinner made by Thayzinha, they will then take out their fury by farting on her, they were powerful and smelly farts dominating the slave without mercy, the domination was heavy and it became even bigger when Thamy bbw arrived , she sat on her belly...

  •                         Rave Girl has one of the prettiest and roundest asses I have ever seen on a young woman, she is 19 and her fart fetish is out of the ordinary, she really loves to fart and fart to our cameras showing her big ass, you can see the ass blink in close while she farts,...

  •                        Today Manuela is very sexy in her new black bikini and is also very horny to fart for the camera and play farting with you, she loves to fart and is delighted by your bad smell, she plays with her finger while the gases come out because of her ass, she never farted so much in...

  •                        Penelope and Britney are furious with their slave, they got gas from the dinner prepared by Thayzinha, she was ironic with the mistresses and this increased the fury of the two mistresses who sat punishment with heavy farts, there were many more long farts and stinky in various positions on the face, nose and mouth of...

  •                        Thamy is on the phone complaining to her friend that she has a lot of gas because of the dinner her maid made, so she decides to fart on the phone for her friend to hear, they laugh a lot and soon Thamy has the brilliant idea of farting naked showing off to the camera, were long...

  • BBWs Had a Heavy Dinner

                           Renata and Morgana are two bbws with giant asses and today they returned from a not very pleasant dinner, they will be full of gas and now they will fart with a lot of power and bad smell for our cameras, they were stinky farts to the extreme of these two bbws that will not...

  • Eat My Brunette Ass With Farts

                           Grazy will order her maid to sniff all her farts for being too lazy, apart from the strong and terrible farts, Bianca sniffs everything while Grazy has fun and takes great pleasure in it, her asshole is huge ie you can see him twitching a lot when farting in close-up. FREE GALLERY

  •                        Rebeca has a lot of gas tonight and this makes her very horny, so she decided to fart showing off for her camera and recorded everything, apart from the stinky and powerful farts that will leave the room stinky and Rebeca in paradise because she loves farting in sexual positions. FREE GALLERY