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  •                        Penelope back more powerful than ever her nick name is nuclear farts, she really stinks fart and very high, she comes back to fart to our cameras and to make you delirious of pleasure with your stinky and noisy farts, she is amused and is extremely exited Farting, at such a young age she is a...

  • Severe Face Farting Domination

                           Demi is remarking her commitments because she is farting a lot, her secretary appears and asks what the smell was if she had stepped on the , Demi was furious and decided to discharge all her gas in her slave, the farts were really smelly and the slave is angry and does not really do, but Demi does not...

  •                        Karina is back with her longer and stinky fart than ever before, she came to show that her new farting techniques really make her crave more and wet, she fart, has fun and enjoys pleasure she plays with the camera and has total control of her anus and her farts she releases long and long farts...

  •                        Marcela Shultz and a very sexy, hot and provocative brunette, she will seduce you with her delicious, tall and stinky farts, she is very sexy and loves to fart in her bed in sexual poses to take breath of any man, she is a fart Goddess and shows for our cameras how to fart...

  • 1 Hour Of Karina´s Sexy Farts

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  •                        Kate invites her friend Marlene to punish and dominate her personal slave, they start with a ponyplay session with slap in the face, then they put her on the wall and begin to slap very hard on her face, and a real squeeze in the face, they increase the punishment and begin to beat...

  •                        Valentina came home from a party, she ate something that gave her lots of gas and decided to turn on the camera and dump all these stinky and long fart because it gives her a lot of pleasure, underneath that mini skirt she is all wet with fear of being Farting for the camera,...

  • Farting In My Short Sexy Dress

                           Kally and a beautiful gothic girl loves to fart in her pink dress, she is in a lot of gas because she ate a lot of beans and cheese today, so she decides to fart for our camera showing us all how much she likes to fart smoking cigarettes feeling pleasure with her high...

  •                        This is another excellent solo farting video directed by Karina Cruel, she invites her friend Sophia Faber to show you all her powerful and stinky farts, Sophia really farting high and stinky, she is sexy a delicious brunette from brazil, and she goes Fart a lot in your jeans that must already be hot and stinky...

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  • Face Farting Domination

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  • A Face Full OF Farts

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