Comfortable Sofa For a Huge Soft Ass

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Yasmin is lying in bed and notices that her boss Samy is tired of looking for her cell phone around the house and decides to sit down to rest, but what Yasmin didn’t imagine is that Samy would sit on top of her. And then Samy approaches Yasmin and says she is tired and takes Yasmin by the arm and leg, brings her close to the edge of the bed and sits on Yasmin’s belly, releasing all her weight. Yasmin moans in pain from so much weight, but holds on tight. Samy then says that she is taking revenge for what Yasmin did to her and that she will pay a punishment and there Samy sits for a long time, changing positions all the time until she decides to take off her clothes and after taking revenge on Yasmin she dismisses her. slave and lies on the bed.

Rates : 23

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