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Debora a beautiful samba school dancer she loves to kiss young and white girls, she invites Penelope to star in this hot kiss video along with her, she seems to want to swallow Penelope’s mouth, even when she is 18 years old she is very experienced in the art of Kissing and also with a lot of desire to kiss Debora and we leave in the studio exile in such a willingness to kiss this beautiful black, the two are wished and kissed very glued and deep not to make delight in this wonderful video interracial hot kiss extremely perverse, deep And glued.



Rates : 117

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4 years ago

Submissive thingirls Penelope & Samy have the most big sexy tongues in brazilian porn that I found! I love the “teen girl” appearance of Penelope. Sadly, the exotic tattooed Samy wasn’t seen at new videos anymore…


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