Double Face Sitting Huge Butts: Victoria and Lilith

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Lilith and Victoria are talking in their bed while Yasmin enters the room without asking permission and starts to fiddle with Lilith’s wardrobe both are furious and fuck with the face of the fragile slave, they squeezed with they huge ass the face of Yasmin squeezing and crushing  with their giant asses, they are not satisfied they look for more and they want to have orgasms rubbing their asses and pussies the face of the slave, they rub their ass and their pussy until obtaining a deep orgasm.


Rates : 256

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3 years ago

I would love to compare the taste of their little shitholes by sticking my tounge deeeep in there..both of them then see whose asshole taste the best, I bet both of these sluts rosebuds taste like heaven anyway and I would gladly stick my tounge as far up their shit hole as I can get it 🤷🏽‍♂️🤤

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