Face Squeezed Between Thamy Enormous Ass

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Thamy is showing off for the camera and her slave Bianca finds it strange, Thamy is furious and decides to punish the poor slave with her 160kg, she sits on Bianca’s face practicing a facesitting with her giant ass burying her inside her huge ass, Bianca is squeezed and dominated by her butt but manages to escape because the face sitting of the bbw is heavy and Bianca is very thin.


Rates : 140

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2 years ago

Great video !!!!! Thamy is very big and determined to destroy the skinny and undernourished Bianca. Poor Bianca, what a hard lesson she descrive!!!!!

10 months ago

Thamy e Ashley Diamond sao ótimas como “ebony fat dommes” em cenas tanto de facessitting e farting, como em asslicking vídeos. Eu espero que mais cenas como essa apareceram em breve, se der, com as duas juntas! P.S.: em vídeos separados, Akemi e Mari(Poly) gravaram ótimas cenas com elas na brazilbbw e penelopepink store. Elas seriam ideais para esses vídeos…

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