Facesitting Domiantion By An Enourmous Butt Crush

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Joyce is returned, she is with a new slave and will use it to test her limits of malice with her enormous butt, Joyce injures 170 kg the slave weighs 55 kg, and a very disproportionate dispute, Joyce squeezed and crushed the slave releasing all its weight,  Joyce sat over her face full weight, feeling their small face between her big butt, Yasmin was squeezed and domianted until the last minute, this is a facesitting and femdom hot movie.


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jimmy sullivan
jimmy sullivan
5 years ago

Amazing big round butt this mature woman has! I hope you, guys from site, make more videos like this soon. Nice work, friends!

5 years ago

Más vídeos de Joyce porfavor.

Me encanta el inicio cuando se va a sentar y le cae con todo el peso en la cara😋 y cuando está sentada y estira las piernas hacia adelante dejando todo el peso en la cara de la chica

Más vídeos como estee!! 😊


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