Facesitting Total Punishment in Their Face

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Penelope and a disobedient slave, she starts jumping rope in Karina’s room, she does not like what she sees and will punish the idiot slave, punishment with her delicious butt will be severe, she is enraged because she hates disobedient and rebellious slaves, she controls The air of Penelope and makes her enter into real panic, she sits on his face and rubs her delicious pussy until she reaches a real orgasm, she fucks with the slave and still has fun because sadism and its trademark, she uses all Bed corners to punish the slave are different positions never seen in a face sitting film.


Rates : 346

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3 years ago

I’d love to be your personal toilet for a few weeks and experience a fart smothering and bound to your butt as you take a laxative to torment me


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