Farting In a Student’s Face

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 Manuela has a lot of intestinal cramps and is farting a lot, but her student is about to arrive and Manuela doesn’t know how she will be able to teach her class due to her situation. Priscilinha, the student, arrives and notices that the room smells like farts and asks her teacher if she doesn’t smell it. Manuela says no and to cover it up she asks her student to accompany her in the squat exercises. And as soon as they start, she farts right in the face of her student, who becomes uncomfortable, but still continues with the exercises until Manuela, the teacher, loses her shame and releases her farts of her own free will in Priscilinha’s face, who, in addition to doing the exercises, is subjected to smelling all of Manuela’s smelly farts.. 


Rates : 6

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