Feeling The Brunette Farts

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Bruna is a beautiful brunette woman who has some different quirks, and that day she was on top of her bed releasing several stinky farts and her maid enters the room at that time and smells the bad smell of the farts that Bruna released there. Then Yasmin, the maid, complains about the bad smell and the mess because she had just cleaned the room, but Bruna didn’t like the way Yasmin spoke to her, and made Yasmin lie down on the bed and punished the girl. Bruna climbs on top of Yasmin and puts her ass in her face and releases several farts. Yasmin isn’t able to get out of there and ends up smelling all the smelly farts that Bruna releases. Bruna lies on her side and tells Yasmin to put her face against her huge ass so that she can smell all her farts. And when Bruna runs out of farts, she sends her maid out and cleans everything up

Rates : 3

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