Furious Facesitting

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Veronica is on her bed making a video for her boyfriend to watch later, when suddenly Priscilinha, the maid, appears in the middle of the video and interrupts her boss saying it’s time for her to go home. Veronica, the boss, is furious because she was interrupted and Priscilinha had just ruined the video she was making. So to punish her maid, Veronica orders her to lie down on the bed and climbs on top of the girl and sits on her face, jumping and slamming her pussy on the poor thing’s nose. Priscilinha is left without action and Veronica takes the opportunity to alleviate her hatred and changes position, taking off her clothes and sitting on Priscilinha’s face, jumping like a gangroo, slamming her huge ass in the poor girl’s face. In the end, Priscilinha paid for her mistake and Veronica only dismisses her maid after using her favorite toy to enjoy herself very well.

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