Good Slave Girl Eating Bruna’s Ass

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Bruna is in her bed because she has a lot of intestinal cramps, and her slave Yasmin has just prepared some tea so that Bruna can get better from the cramps. But Bruna preferred that Yasmin help her and asked Yasmin to lie down on the bed and get closer to her ass and then told her to unclog her ass and then Yasmin started to stick her tongue in Bruna’s ass while she farted in the middle of Yasmin’s licks., and while Yasmin was licking her ass, Bruna says that her cramps were getting better and so she got up from the bed and stood so that Yasmin could continue licking her ass. And soon after, Bruna rests her leg on the bed and Yasmin takes advantage of the better angle and licks Bruna’s ass even more, which goes delirious, and after several positions and licks, Bruna enjoys deliciously in Yasmin’s hands.

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