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Demi definitely found her perfect match for a hot kiss, her friend Morenna Rosa, she is beautiful with red hair and a mouthful of delight, and she has a great desire to kiss her friend Demi, they fight to see who kisses more willingly and an exchange of caresses with her mouth and with a lot of perversion, Demi delights in the mouth of Morena Rosa and sucks her tongue, swallows her mouth and kisses with voracity, Morena Rosa does the same and shows that she takes great pleasure in kissing they love the kissing fetish without time to end, they are two perverted guarding the subject and a delicious hot kiss, glued, deep and wet.


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Jeremy WB
Jeremy WB
5 years ago

Hi,K! Very sexy these 2 chicks, always I feel good when I find more news vids with these girls! By the way, where is Penelope? Will she appear in more vids?

2 years ago

Great kissing vid. Demi is dangerous!!!

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