I Prefer Ass Sucking Than Beach Trip

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Two lesbian friends dressed in beachwear decide at the last minute to change their program for something more interesting. And then Adriana and Yasmin are ready to go out, they talk about their program and Yasmin asks if they are ready to go to the beach and Adriana says that there is something better and suggests that game that they both love, which is licking each other’s assholes. And Yasmin immediately accepts and says it’s much better than going to the beach, and then Adriana gets ready on the bed and gets in the position she likes so Yasmin can devour her ass. Yasmin enjoys licking Adriana’s ass, who moans with lust and pleasure. Soon Adriana switches places with Yasmin and starts licking her ass with a lot of greed and saliva, leaving Yasmin all wet and horny. They spend a lot of time enjoying each other’s asses until they take a break to rest. 

Rates : 11

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