Interracial Double Face Farting Domination

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Debora and Morena Rosa are working to have sculptural bodies, both are on a diet where they are having many gases, the slave appears looking at the belly of the two dominators complaining that their belly are large, but what Yasmin does not know and that there many gases, the domineering decided to punish the slave with their powerful farts, they fart in the face make yasmin smell all the stinky fart, they immobilize Yasmin with scissors and keys of leg and farts inside its mouth and its nostrils, after they compel Yasmin to put straws in the entrance of the ass and frog inside the straw this makes the fart go directly into the mouth and nose and yasmin swallows and breathes all stinky fart, after that they play with flour and will measure which fart and more powerful to play flour with fart on Yasmin’s face, was a huge punishment and domination for Yasmin.


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