Licking The Boss’s Ass

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The mistress is stressed and in need of a massage to de-stress, and screams for her slave Satina. And when the mistress arrives, she orders her to massage her feet, and so soon after and orders Satina to stick her foot in her mouth, and so after Satina does, the mistress gets up, turns her back to Satina and orders her to do your job and that’s how Satina lifts her mistress’s dress and starts licking that nice little ass, and from licking that ass so much it got wet and more and more delicious. Satina knows how to lick her ass like no one else and takes her mistress to a wonderful orgasm and after enjoying the pleasure the mistress orders Satina to kneel on the floor. 


Rates : 5

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7 months ago

Mais videos com essa escrava, lingua rosada que chupa bem.

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