Megan and Kyra Pervert Kisses

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 Megan and Kyra are lesbians and on a date they decide to enjoy each other with a kiss, and when they enter the motel they touch each other and exchange compliments with each other in a very relaxed moment between the two. And then one of them decides to advance the signal and releases the first very shy and short kiss, and as soon as that happened it was as if one of them had lit a fuse that started the longest and most delicious kiss that the two of them had ever witnessed. Megan and Kyra simply connect in the kiss in a way never felt by either of them, they touch and caress each other in a frantic and horny tune. This kiss grows every minute and leaves them more relaxed and connected to each other. Megan sits on top of Kyra and rides deliciously on her belly and enjoys this delicious and endless kiss.

Rates : 4

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