Mirella´s Furious Facesitting Giant Ass

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Mirella is furious with Yasmin because she has not done anything all day and will be punished for being a slut, Mirella had no mercy and buried the face of Yasmin under her big ass making her despair, it was a heavy punishment because Mirella is very tall, heavy and strong, Yasmin was trying to breathe and survive underneath this beautiful and giant woman, Mirella decides to squeeze and buried Yasmin’s face under their giant ass and pussy and gives her pleasure and starts rubbing her ass and pussy in Yasmin’s face feeling very horny and coming to a deep orgamas making Yasmin feel all the fluid of his orgasm all over his face.


Rates : 230

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2 years ago

Mirella is hot, big and nice queen!!!
I’d like to see her in a scissor video with ugly slave Bianca.
A violent video of scissor where Bianca passes out between Mirella’s mighty thighs!!!

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