Nataly’s Face Farted Between Two Big Butts

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STARRING: THAY FLORES, VERONICA LINS AND NATHALY. SYNOPSIS: Veronica and Thay are practicing stretching exercises when they both feel unwell and start to fart a lot. They laugh a lot about the situation, but since they are alone, they don’t feel ashamed, they just didn’t expect that Nathaly would arrive and smell the stench, and when Nathaly complains about the stench, they both tell her to crouch and start farting in the girl’s face. who starts to smell the stinky farts they both let out non-stop. They both have a lot of fun and make fun of Nathaly’s face who complains a lot about the stinking farts she’s smelling and can’t wait to end that nightmare. Don’t miss this KC June 2023 release!!!


Rates : 4

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