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  •                        Iza Blue is a beautiful brunette girl with a beautiful sculptural body who has found a new way to keep fit and also relieve intestinal gas. She does Yoga exercises and at the same time lets out her pungent farts.  FREE GALLERY

  • The Lesbic Encounter Part 2

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  •                        When Sheron enters her room, she finds her two servants playing on top of her bed and is furious because they didn’t make her bed. She immediately orders one of them to lie down on the bed and the other to stand watching her sit on her disobedient slave’s face. Sheron rotates with her slaves and sits in...

  • Horny Lesbians In Love

                           Two lesbians after a long time apart from each other meet and miss each other. They touch, kiss and at the same time heat up the atmosphere. They are discovering each other and they start to rub their pussy on each other, and masturbate like never before. They go to the delirium of so...

  •                        Jenifer is caught using the phone, and her Mistress is even more enraged because in addition to using the phone, she owes her Mistress money. Jenifer is charged and says she has no money, so her owner slaps her in the face and throws her on the bed with all her anger saying, “You’re...

  •                        Karina and Thay are in bed kissing and horny when they are surprised by Adriana entering the room and complaining that Karina did not wait for her to arrive to participate in the threesome kiss. Karina tells Adriana that she couldn’t wait to kiss Thay because she was horny for her hot friend. Adriana pulls Karina by the hair and falls...

  •                        Marcela and Veronica are praising each other when Nathaly enters and intrudes on the conversation. Both don’t like the intrusion and pick up the girl, throw her on the bed and fart in the face. Poor Nathaly suffers at the hand of the farting duo, there are a lot of smelly farts she had to sniff...

  • Nathaly My Small Pony

                           Nathaly is spotted by his owner playing pony on the bed. Thamy her owner doesn’t like that at all and furious with what she saw, ends up riding her subject and the poor thing ends up feeling the weight of being a real pony. Thamy rides the poor girl who ends up having to bear all that weight...

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  •                        Marcela misses her slave Lindsey and wonders where she is? Lindsey soon appears and tells her owner that she has back pain and if she could leave early to go to the masseuse. Marcela tells Lindsey that she herself would do a treatment to improve her pain. Lindsey accepted and Marcela soon sat on her slave’s head, and then...

  •                        Lindsey is confident that she and Thamy will leave the house, when as they exit the bathroom together, Lindsey questions Thamy for not putting on her clothes to leave. Thamy says to Lindsey, “I don’t need clothes for you to lick my ass.” And Lindsey is surprised by this, and Thamy says: “What do you think?. Lindsey replies: “Must be...

  • The Lesbian Encounter

                            Marcela is sitting on her bed having hot thoughts with Britney, but at the same time she doesn’t want to relate to Britney anymore because they fought. However, Marcela heard a knock on her door and when she opened it was Britney who had arrived, Marcela refuses to let Britney in but she enters anyway. And then both struggle until Britney grabs Marcela...

  •                        Amandinha enters her mistress’s room and feels a terrible stench, after all her mistress was farting a lot at that time. Amandinha asks her mistress if she was smelling a stinky mouse, and her mistress says no, but she was smelling flowers. And irritated by her subject’s petulance, Iza the boss orders the girl...

  • Teach Me To Kiss

                           Bibi is bored at home when her friend Rebeca arrives and asks what Bibi has. Bibi crestfallen replies that she’s bored and that she wanted to go to a club, but how would she go to a club if she doesn’t know how to kiss. Rebeca says she could teach her if she wants to. Bibi accepts and Rebeca leans on...