Pay Me Loan, Smelling My farts!

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Veronica is lying in her bed and to paint her nails but a sudden illness prevents her from going out, and she is furious with her slave Yasmin who was grounded and gagged because the food she made was not good and Veronica ends up feeling sick and has a lot of gas. So to pay for her mistake Yasmin has to be punished and Veronica tells her to come closer and she puts her face on Veronica’s ass who lets out stinky farts for Yasmin to smell. Veronica moans from abdominal pain and with each moan she lets out a fart stinkier than the other and Yasmin there having to smell one by one and with her mouth gagged with duct tape. Veronica, after farting nonstop for a long time, ends up dismissing her subject Yasmin, who returns to her previous punishment.

Rates : 6

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