Penelope´s Selfie Sexy Farting Session

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Penelope is showing off for thousands of fans on her webcam site, she is showing off her beautiful body and her fantastic long and loud farts, and a pity that her fans can not smell online because she is extremely stinky and delicious,  delightful and horny fondling for her cell phone live and online, fans delirious with the power of their ass releasing gas so long and high, was a gala exhibition where Penelope showed who the queen of farts online.


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Jabin Hogg
Jabin Hogg
1 year ago

0MG So Hot I Wish My Nose Was All Up In That Ass

1 year ago

I’ve owned this vid for awhile and for my money, nobody does solo as good as Penelope. I wish she did more cause she’s got it dialed. The eyes, smile, and body really put the hook in me.

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