Pervert Real Sluts Farting Their Maid

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 Two friends Britney and Rebeca get sick with gas due to spoiled food they ate. Yasmin the maid who made the food is to blame and ends up paying dearly for it. Rebeca and Britney pick up the girl and throw her on the bed and spend the whole day farting in her face. 


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1 year ago

I wanted to make a complaint. Lately you hardly make videos of pilegils, trampling, multitrampling, chestsitting, squashing etc. You only have these types of videos for sale at clips4sales and there are hardly any advantages for members. There are only videos of farts, eating ass. Videos where there are a lot of girls stacked up are only for pay. I would like you to reconsider your strategy, because I think you are treating member loyalty badly.
Thank you very much


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