Rough Face and Body Trampling With Shoes

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Monique is a tall and heavy dominatrix she is ruthless with insolent slaves, Yasmin commented that she found Monique’s ugly sister in her new dress, Monique was furious and began to trampling on the slave, she is in her dirty tennis and starts to trample the Torax and Yasmin’s breasts full of milk, and it is possible to see the breast spewing milk when being trampled, Yasmin becomes a real carpet for Monique to clean his dirty tennis, he sinks the face of the slave in the bed making her scream of domination, she marches strong in her thorax and Yasmin moans and screams in pain because Monique is 1.82 in height and 92 kg, Yasmin suffers one of her worst punishments and now she will think twice before speaking ill of someone in Monique’s family.


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