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Morena Rosa is furious with her slave, she caught Yasmin on her phone, so she decided to punila with her perfect and cute ass, she is a sadistic and cruel mistress, Yasmin receives a heavy punishment she is buried in the butt of her mistress and not Morena Rosa has fun with it because she is very cruel and loves to stifle her slaves, she dominated verbally and uses her ass to squeezed and finally get orgasm using the face of her slave, she dominate Yasmin using his face fucking him, she rubs her pussy and ass until she satisfies herself with a real orgasm.


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6 years ago

Hi, Karina! Very nice to see here mistress girl Morena Rosa at last! She’s so sexy and furious when get action. Please, bring soon more two women to punish and get nasty with teen and submisse girls: fat Natalia and old Herminia! Thankxx


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