Sat Without Mercy In a Young Bitch

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Today Adriana is furious and is going to test her slave’s chest by putting all her weight on him, Cleo is a new slave and for the first time she will have her chest crushed, she was dominated a lot under Adriana who had no mercy to make her chest to the limit of squeezing and full weight sit, she dominated and made her suffer in various uncomfortable and hard positions, and Cleo in desperation could not escape with all the weight of Adriana on her fragile chest.


Rates : 108

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Vicenzo Spagnani
Vicenzo Spagnani
3 years ago

KC friends! For my surprise, I’ve found new spitting scenes with the following girls at your pages in Clips4Sale franchise: the returns of Lindsey, Penelope Pink and the debut of iconic Melissa Ramos! If you don’t mind my comment, I would like to suggest more new movies with these girls as “slaves” for Adriana Fuller, Milly, Kethlelin, Joyce, Herminia, Renata etc. Thanks for find them!

Alex Marchetti
Alex Marchetti
2 years ago

I love Adriana’s lezdom movies! She’s a milf so hot and evil with the girls. Please, make more videos with Cleo, Jenifer, Meire and Ayumi. These pretty girls are great newbies!

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