Slave Man Squeezed Between My Legs

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Veronica is warming up to train with her slave, but the unfortunate man ended up being late and leaving Veronica Furious. As soon as he arrived apologizing for being late, Veronica didn’t care about the excuses and cornered him against the wall and pinned him down so that he couldn’t react. Then she lifts him on her back and throws him on the bed and there she begins to punish the poor slave mercilessly. First she puts him in an armbar to immobilize him, then she scissors him with his legs, leaving him completely trapped, and the punishment doesn’t stop there. Then Veronica climbs on top of the poor slave’s face and shows off his biceps muscles, and says he’s a chicken. Finally Veronica sits on top of his chest and closes with a flourish, standing up and placing her feet on top of her prey

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