Squashed Under Two Thick Brunettes Bodies

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2 years ago

Hello, good video. People like me, fans of the crush, we love to know the weight of the girls to know how much weight the submissive or submissive supports.
This information is very important, add a description of the weight of the girls, height and also of the submissive. If you take a look around the internet you will see that the weight makes us very morbid, and the more the better.
In this video specifically, I think the submissive can take more weight on her chest. In the video “Squeezed Between Bombom’s Huge Fat Butt”, the girl gasps for air more quickly than in this video, which means that the experience is being heavier. My suggestion is if the submissive can’t take the weight of 2 girls like “Bombom bbw” she can at least take one girl like “Bombom BBW” and another girl at least 100kg, even if for a short period of time.”
For the experience to be authentic, one girl must sit on the chest and the other girl must sit on the first girl’s legs. In this way we completely transfer the weight of the 2 girls to the submissive’s chest. If the BBW girl’s legs are not on top of the submissive as well, we are not transferring the weight completely.
It is my suggestion.
Thank you very much.

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