Thammy Huge Ass Need Rest

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Lindsey is very tired and has back pain and decides to lie down to rest in the bed of her boss who is away. But she didn’t count on her mistress coming back early to find her lying on her bed. Thamy the boss is furious to see Lindsey on top of her bed, and applies a voracious punishment to her, and orders the girl to lie down on the bed and starts to make her her own resting sofa and sits on top of the chest of the her maid Lindsey, who moans in pain at having to bear all the weight of Thamy who makes fun of Lindsey all the time. 

Rates : 10

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3 months ago

I was waiting for a nice chest sitting from her….I was waiting to see that big butt on the chest and she does NOT take her clothes off at all… :(((( damn

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