Thamy Over The Small Girl

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Lindsey is tidying up the mess in the room, and Thamy appears suddenly saying that she is ready to leave but Lindsey is still cleaning the room. Thamy approaches Lindsey and compliments her outfit and Lindsey reciprocates. Thamy then takes Lindsey in her arms and lifts her up like a doll and says that Lindsey is very skinny and Lindsey says she’s going to work out at the gym. Thamy then has an idea and throws Lindsey on the bed and says they will train, and Lindsey is positioned lying on the bed hoping that Thamy would guide her on what exercise to do, but Thamy climbs on top of Lindsey and sits on her face with all your weight. Lindsey is immobilized and without action because Thamy is too big. And Thamy starts to do sessions of sitting on Lindsey’s face in all possible positions until he gets tired and sends the poor girl back to cleaning her room, while she shows off her huge ass.

Rates : 19

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