The Spitting Factory

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hayzinha goes to a lubricant company to be interviewed for a job, but what she didn’t know is that she would be made a fool of by the company’s 2 employees. When talking to the two employees, they say that Thayzinha would have to get on her knees in front of them so they could demonstrate the lubricant that would be the best on the market, and Thayzinha thought it was strange but still obeyed what they asked her and knelt down, and then she there is a noise of someone sucking out all the phlegm from their nose and spitting in Thayzinha’s face, who was shocked and surprised. But even so, she stood firm and strong there on her knees, and then after much laughter she was subjected to a shower of spit and spit in her face, and after much saliva running down her body she was left there by the two employees who left laughing so hard at her face. 


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