The Tasting Game

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Veronica surprises her friend Bia and takes her to her house and when they get there they exchange compliments and Veronica suggests a good game and Bia asks what game it would be, and Veronica says a tasting game, and smiles. Bia understands the message and starts stroking Veronica’s tail, praising her and saying that she would lick him all over. Veronica says so that she doesn’t feel like it and then Bia attacks that hot ass and starts sticking her tongue in Veronica’s ass who moans tasty and feels a wonderful pleasure with Bia’s hot tongue. And they change places and Veronica starts to lick Bia’s ass passing her tongue very slowly and then accelerating leaving Bia crazy with lust and to enjoy. And they lick each other all afternoon and at the end they masturbate and come very tasty

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