The Thirsty Slave Girl

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Yasmin is meditating sitting on her boss’s bed when suddenly the boss enters the room and catches Yasmin in the act. The boss asks what Yasmin is doing and she replies that she is meditating. Her boss doesn’t like it because she was looking for her all over the house because she wanted to drink water. Yasmin said she was thirsty too, and the boss says she will give her water. And then he tells Yasmin to lean against the headboard and then starts spitting in Yasmin’s face. It’s one spit after another and Yasmin’s face gets all covered in spit, and Yasmin starts to feel anxious, but even so, her boss had no mercy and continued to spit in Yasmin’s face, and after getting all wet she had to leave. and fetch water for the mistress


Rates : 6

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5 months ago

❤️ 😍 💖 you

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