The Tongue Sucker

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Yasmin was doing her rounds when she suddenly spots the thief Morgana entering her house with a bag full of clothes. Morgana quickly enters her house and throws her clothes on the bed to enjoy them, when there is a knock on her door. When opening the door, she is faced with Yasmin who realized that Morgana had entered with the stolen clothes and says she will arrest her, Morgana immediately grabs Yasmin who fights but ends up surrendering herself to the arms of Morgana who kisses her using her tongue and in return wants your freedom.


Rates : 27

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Biel XpF2
Biel XpF2
1 year ago

Mano, a gatinha Yasmin tbm voltou a gravar pela KarinaCruel. Que massa! Ela tá muito linda de uniforme, nem parece que já tem seis anos ou + de vídeos. O tempo parece nao passar pra ela… as cenas dela com bbw ou milfs sao ótimas, entre as melhores que fizeram nesse genero!

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