Training My Slave For Satisfy My Perversions

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Karina is going to train Mia to be her personal submissive, she starts by ordering her to adore her feet and lick them, right after she orders Mia to climb on the bed and starts kissing her because Karina loves hot kisses, in the middle of the kisses hand in Mia’s mouth doing a light gagging, after she tells Mia to go to the floor and Karina starts to stick her foot very deep up to Mia’s throat making her feel nauseous, after that little punishment she hates Mia again to climb on the bed to kissed her, and the next day she already summoned Mia for another slave service training.


Rates : 85

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Bob W.
Bob W.
3 years ago

Karina, it’s so great to see you again, this time with a new girl Mia. Keep it up, K!

2 years ago

Karina sempre reinando! Ela atua com tanta naturalidade que é dificil não pensar que ela ama o que faz.

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