Two Big Butts Squeezing Nataly Face

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THAY FLORES, VICTORIA DIAS AND NATHALY. SYNOPSIS: Nathaly is lying in bed and making a video call with someone, when Vick and Thay arrive and pay the girl on top of the bed. They get furious and decide to apply a punishment on Nathaly, and tell her to take off her shorts and make fun of the girl’s ass and after that Nathaly lays down on the bed and Thay and Vick start to climb on top of the poor girl getting her knees on the body while the other sits on top of the head. They alternate positions and Nathaly stays there like a couch, where she hears jokes and can’t do anything. Anyway, the two women release the girl and end up lying on the bed and laughing a lot. Don’t miss this KC June 2023 launch!!!


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