Under Megan’s Huge Ass With Farts

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Megan is wearing lingerie in her bed, when Yasmin arrives and asks why she is wearing that clothes and Megan replies that she is like that to make it easier to fart in Yasmin’s face. And Yasmim says she’s going to get some clothes for Megan to change into, but she tells Yasmin to get on the bed and put her face against her huge ass and starts releasing her loud and smelly farts in Yasmin’s face, who makes her gag. Megan lets out several farts and shoves Yasmin’s face into her huge ass and Yasmin ends up running out of air. Megan makes Yasmin her puppet and farts endlessly in her face, one fart after another and Yasmin has to smell them all. And Megan then decides to go to the doctor and calls Yasmin to go with her to solve her gas problem.


Rates : 3

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