Women In Black : Slave Girl Face Fart Fatal Domination

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Llith is a very rich girl. her husband is working in the government and has alot of power and money. Lilith is not working at all always at home she feels boring. because of her position she is very arrogant. her poor house maid is cleaning everything and she has to do all kind of favors for Lilith. Lilith invited her friends Victoria Dias and Debora Blue to her house. the 3 ladies are dressed in tight latex catsuits. sitting inside the kitchen they are eating alot of boiled eggs and eating beer. the house maid is cleaning the kitchen and bringing them more beer. debora blue, victoria and lilith get extremely gassy from the beer and eggs. they start to fart and burp like crazy. the smell is very strong and awful. the sound of the farts is very long and bubbly. sometimes wet. the burps are very loud.the 3 girls are feeling very boring so they decide to disturb the house maid with their powerful farts and burps while she is cleaning. they start to fart and burp at the house maids face. they fart all over the kitchen laughing and moaning loud. always with the latex catsuit on. sometimes they open the zipper to give the house maid a taste of their naked asshole.


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