Worshiping Lolla’s Feet

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Lolla calls her dear little slave Thayzinha to show her her new shoes, and asks her to see how beautiful they are and says she painted her nails red to make them even more beautiful, Thaizinha kneels down and says they are beautiful and asks to kiss her them and Lolla says yes. Thayzinha then takes them in her hands and starts kissing them non-stop, then she takes them off Lolla’s feet and starts licking her feet, worshiping them like a jewel, and then Thayzinha starts sucking and swallowing Lolla’s feet until she enters your throat. Lolla loves to feel Thayzinha’s mouth licking her feet and then she climbs onto the bed, stands up and Thayzinha lying down swallows Lolla’s toes one by one until she swallows the whole foot. After this relaxing session, Lolla asks Thayzinha to get some cream to apply to her feet.. 


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