Yasmin Sniffing Mega’s Big Ass Under The Sheets

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 Megan arrives at her house and feels a lot of abdominal pain, and also a lot of sweat coming out of her body. Megan then calls her maid Yasmin and as soon as the girl arrives, Megan tells the girl to smell her armpits and then she lies down on the bed and starts releasing smelly farts in the poor girl’s face. Megan has fun releasing her smelly farts in Yasmin’s face, who is very disgusted and threatens to vomit. Megan, after releasing several farts, told Yasmin to get a sheet, and there she made Yasmin suffer even more because she started releasing her farts under the sheet and Yasmin had to smell them all. And finally Megan, as soon as she was relieved of all the farts, let Yasmin go.

Rates : 4

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