Your Surprise is a Huge Ass

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Carol is a born dominatrix, she’s checking to see if her slave Lindsey is cleaning the furniture as she asked. Carol told her subject that she had a surprise for her. When she hears a knock on her door she says to Lindsey, “Look, your surprise has arrived”, and Lindsey is anxious to see what it was. When Bombom BBW enters the supposed surprise for Lindsey, who didn’t understand anything about what was happening. Carol soon says come and see your surprise and throws Lindsey on the bed, and tells Bombom to sit on it. Poor Lindsey was made out of a sofa,


Rates : 86

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1 year ago

Can you do a video where bombom dominates carol castro? I want to see how she lifts carol up and spreads her ass and rub her pussy on her belly while she is in the air. Really want to see how little carol is fucked and dominated and lifted by bbw bombom

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